Custom Orders

Custom Outfit 3
Custom Outfit 2
Custom Outfit 1

Custom Dye Orders
I am happy to create custom items and outfits for you at no extra charge. Pick out your favorite Bohemian Mermaid outfit in your perfect size, and I'll hand dye it using your choice of my current dye colors. Turn around time for custom dyed items is 3-5 weeks. Since I do most of my dyeing during festival season, availability may be limited during winter months.

Custom Print Orders
Any item, whether listed on the website or custom dyed, can be custom printed with one of my original print designs for an additional $5 (single) to $10+ (multiple). Turn around time for prints is 1-2 days.

Placing Custom Orders
Contact Me with your custom order requests.
See my Etsy Shop for select custom order options.
Check out my current Bohemian Mermaid Colors & Prints

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